Step-by-step Ari Shaffir


ARI SHAFFIR is an Los Angeles based comic that wanted a unique shirt design. Something that would REALLY separate his merch from all other comics. She sent me some fan submitted art. Im not sure how i came up with the idea, but i thought it would look amazing 3D.


So, over the course of a month i redesigned the art digitally. I redrew the face, added lines and added colors. I bought a few pairs of 3D glasses online and got to editing til it worked. The next step was to take the design to actual garment production.


The end result was an EXTREMELY popular tshirt that fulfilled every designer’s itch i could ever have. The final garments worked really well with the 3D glasses. We have to date sold thousands of them through JAYARR CUSTOMS FULFILLMENT SERVICE Chek out some of the posts people have made with the shirts in them!