Brody Stevens Hollywood Party – Rooftop Sunset Ave

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Aw man. This was a treat for me. A year ago i sent a tweet to one of my favorite comics seeing if he wanted to print shirts with me. This year, him and i have sold ALOT of merchandise together, and Funny or Die came to the shop to film the printing process for his new tv show. This was the wrap party for the tv show. I drove back to LA with my best friend Jerrick who flew in from Rochester. I was just….an amazing weekend. i got to meet a lot of my favorite comedians, take photos with them, hand out business cards, get drunk on wine on a ROOFTOP overlooking the hollywood sign. Im not so sure this life is real. it may be a dream. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.


Also, keep an eye out for Brody Stevens: Enjoy it on Comedy Central. Your boy will be on it!