Red Front 40th Anniversary

In uncat. but no feature by Jayarr Customs

Im posting this for a few reasons.


One, i did the shirts. That should be obvious.


Two, this restaurant hold a special place in my heart. I would eat there about once a week. It was walking distance from my shop. I was stumbling through the owners pictures and i saw this anniversary party they were having and it kind of all hit me at once. I really moved far away from home. This type of feeling that i get when i see photos like these ill never have. I mean, 40 YEARS of owning a restaurant, where many of the local people would call a second home. Its THAT kind of diner. A place where people go every day to get their coffee, breakfast and good conversation with Nick Sr. (pictured on the right) I moved to a place that really has shallow roots. Everything is strip mall after strip mall. There arent any diners out here. Theres a Dennys. Theres an Ihop. Theres no place like Red Front, where the owners remember your name, remember your favorite order.


Its a bittersweet thing. Im glad i took a chance and moved away from a place so familiar, but seeing these pictures gives me that SHOCK of realization that im very far away from home. Anyway ill be back there next year and i better have an early bird with beef sausage waiting for me.