An Honest Review (March 2013)

In uncat. but no feature by Jayarr Customs

So, as i was researching a company to use for my postage printing, i came across an overwhelming amount of negative reviews for I took them with a grain of salt because alot of the reasons that should be obvious to any one whos familiar with subscription services. So what im going to do is simply tell you my honest experience.


To start off, the reason i started using is because i have business doing merchandise fulfillment for various artists around the country. It was torture to use paypal’s native service for a number of reasons. First of all it doesnt do international. Second, when the postage increased they got rid of parcel post, which is about 40% of my transactions.
I wanted something that would be up to date and have all the methods of shipping in the same place.


Now, if youre NOT shipping at least 5 packages a week, this is not for you. You dont really need the convenience that gives you. $15.99 per month is not cheap, BUT if youre sending 10 – 100 packages a week, you cant afford to spend the time to putz around. Some of the negative reviews, people have said the service isnt worth it…but it IS if youre shipping alot of small packages.


The scale. OH my GOD the people complaining about the scale. I got my scale LITERALLY 4 days after i signed up. People have said 5 weeks, 2 months. Listen, thats in REALLY rare cases. Dont let these people scare you away. The scale is really nice. its lightweight. Its got a faux brushed steel look to the top, so it looks classy in any office. Its USB powered, which means the power actually comes from the usb cord. Thats rare for a postage scale. They usually need a power cord.


The service has been nothing but adequate. Initially i couldnt buy postage. I called during the day, spoke to an english speaking person (fantastic) and they fixed the problem in 2 minutes. I called again the next day with a question, they picked right up….fixed the problem. I have NO issues with their customer service. Quick. Fast. English.


This is what ill say to wrap up this review. They are an adequate service for what they offer. 16 bucks a month saves me HOURS of labor between worrying about filling out customs forms and waiting in line. Believe me, if you ship alot of small packages its totally worth it.