Building the shop with the help of Stage 3 Printing

In uncat. but no feature by Jayarr Customs

So, in my search for a space to rent for Jayarr Customs i stumbled upon another print shop called Stage 3 printing. Theyre owned by Jake. jake brought me in, showed me around his shop and gave me some ideas of how to set up my shop. Its crazy, within 10 minutes of meeting him he offered to help me build my tables and fixtures for the shop!


Seems as if the screenprinters here are as supportive and family like as in NY. The pictures below are of some of the work weve done in the shop so far. I dont want to show you guys the whole shop because is just not ready yet. Mind you…its beautiful for far but…just…not yet. Soon. But seriously, big shout outs to Jake, hes been a friend in a time where it would be REALLY easy for me go crazy with loneliness and boredom. Check out his shop here: STAGE 3 PRINTING