The Troy & Jayarr Podcast #4

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First off i have to apologize to the listeners: the guest didn’t have monitor headphones so there was no way they could hear how quiet they are. Some are shouting, some are whispering. Im new to this…im sorry. Im learning people!!

THIS WEEK we had a 6 way podcast! The guests were @sargentoart @madgemadigan @jillybean2k @mango1531. Jill starts us off with an “unplanned orgy” story, Steve shows off his nipple psychic abilities, Madge’s boys give up masturbation for lent, We swirl around the topic of racial slurs and when its okay to use them, orgasms at the speed of light and finally Steve talks about a breast milk white russian. Needless to say: Listener discretion is advised.

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About the Podcast:

We are 2 guys talking about everything and anything that crosses our mind. There will be phone interviews, live calls,and live twitter responses. We will review random Youtube videos, music and art. We will chat about love, sex, making sex, making love, family and what it means to be a positive human force on this planet


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