Joey Arena of Youngbloods on my shoulders!

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They did a show with Everlast, last saturday…twas pretty good. The crowd was insane….felt like about 3000 people. Anywho, when i go see Youngbloods i like to get right up to the front and lift the lead singer up on the girder, separator thingy. So, we did our normal ritual, i slithered my way up to the front (Sorry to all the little people i had to squash and mash back) and…we have this thing we do where I get Joeys attention, i point to him and then up to the ceiling…thats my way of saying, “Okay my friend, its time to go UP.” So he hops up on the railing, working the crowd and im using every muscle i have in my upperbody and legs to assist him in balancing. This got boring. Took it up a notch, did a ninja move and spun around and put him on my shoulders. We sang together the rest of the song, the people around us went nuts….were patting me on the head and arms…it was an electric moment. This may seem insignificant now….it really may. but if you look at this photo and think…if i save this for 30 years, and show my kids (hypothetical kids), Theyll think: Daddy was a bad ass. These are the moments….when i see photos like this and i realize that this life is so short…we REALLY have to make a conscious effort to live every moment as if we realize 80 years is NOT that long..