Nothing to do with Tshirts OR Christmas

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So, this is what I was thinking. Before microscopes we had no idea that there was another world existing, completely oblivious of us and what effect were having on it, right? If it wasn’t for microscopes, we would have no idea that the reason the banana peel we are watching decompose is actually being destroyed by tiny, living creatures.

Now, we later discover atoms. A SMALLER universe than bacteria existing, swirling…a world oblivious to us…right? The building blocks that make up these invisible bacteria.

NOW we’re messing around with smashing sub-atomic particles into each other at almost the speed of light and were finding out the universe my be infinitely small as it is big.

I said all that to say this…as we continue to discover things about our world, they shift common belief. We once thought the world was flat. When I say we, I mean EVERYBODY. Turns out it isn’t. Common belief shifted. Every century it seems like there’s some revelation that shows us that things really aren’t as they seem. So then why are people so sure about things such as Religion? Or anything really? Why do people stress so much about money, cars and clothes when our existance will basically have NO effect on the universe in the long run.How do we know WERE not some virus in the snot bubble of some higher life form? The bacteria are oblivious. The atoms are oblivious.

The main point is that while I watch our government ruin this country and make life miserable for the working class…watch political figures debate over whether the senates salaries should be cut….I think..who cares? MY universe is made up of about 20 people and my Screenprint business. I know that I can affect these people in a positive way immediately and see the effects. When you think of the GRAND scale of the universe and the sub universe, it makes you just want to take it easy and revel in the fact that no matter what you do, in the grand scheme of things it won’t really matter anyway…so why not just enjoy the ride….

I love you all…goodnight…