Jayarr Customs Promo @ Wild Wings NY

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I did a promo for Jayarr Customs with Rochester Woman magazine at Wild Wings…(Not the chicken wing place). I had never heard of it before this day and i was pleasantly surprised. Its a bird rehabilitation center/sactuary. They had all types of birds; owls, vultures and eagles. RWM had launched their animal magazine Petapalooza. Smart. People here go CRAZY for their animals. It was a really nice excuse to get the dogs out. ALSO i got to spend yet ANOTHER day with the most beautiful dog ive ever seen – TANK. Hes a massive bulldog owned by a friend of mine. Actually to be honest he stole the show. Everyone that came to the event stopped to either stare at the fluff monstrosity or to pet him.

Anyway, has it really been a month since my last update? Good god, im slacking. Well whatever, expect the posts to get less frequent as there is ALOT less interesting things going on in the winter months. Talk to you all soon.