RIT Beach Day 2011

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If my customers invite me to an event that i printed them shirts for i ALWAYS go. Its good marketing opportunities and good positive energy that drew me to RIT’s Beach Day. NEEDLESS to say i couldnt turn down a chance to go party with 500 college kids last friday. Basically the event was set up right after finals as a way to give the students stressed out from finals a well deserved break. The had massive “Beer Pong” played with a HUGE kickball and garbage cans, A huge slip and slide, free food from Dinosaur BBQ and the shirts i printed were able to be tie dyed for free. I got so dehydrated from running around playing frisbee and the slip and slide my muscles were seizing when i left…terrible Jayarr…terrible. Anyway, hats off to the fraternities the put on such an awesome event! Heres to hoping this is an annual event!