Flawless Marketing

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So….I get this email from the people who run the invoicing program i use, “Freshbooks” In this email they explain how the Owner of the company got his luggage stolen at an airport somewhere out of the country (im probably murdering this story) and they are asking all the business owners to send him a t-shirt. This was all kept as a surprise to him, so i imagine one day he comes into the office and theres a STACK of tshirts waiting for him and everyone cheers and says, “How cute…etc” Anyway so i thought this was a really interesting way to pull their customers into their brand….so i bit. I sent them an HGL shirt, size medium. Well lo and behold, a couple weeks later i get this package in the mail…what was in it made me smile for DAYS. It had a Freshbooks tshirt, a hand written thank you note, and here is the piece de resistance; a hand drawn picture of him wearing the shirt. When i realized that this hideous stick figure was him with a HILARIOUS recreation of Super HGL i was grinning to hard my face hurt.

Now, heres the whole point of what im saying here. Whoever their branding/marketing person is, is VEEEEERRRRYYYY good. Theres nothing like a handwritten anything mailed directly to your customer to make them fall in love with you as a company. Ill probably be talking about them for years and all it cost them was some postage and maybe 5 minutes of their time with some kid markers

So after that i decided to get some 2×2 coupons and hand write discounts on the back, so when i give a customer their order they get a little handwritten note, 10% off and a personalized thank you…