let me address a few things….

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Well hello there..

its been a while, hasnt it? Im not going to make excuses for why i havent posted in such a while, but ill tell you why. This was my first fully self employed winter as a sole proprietor. The screenprinting business generally slows down in the winter. ……..Yeah. Like REALLY slows down. Apparently to the point where weeks go by with no phonecalls, no emails. Rough stuff. This was one of the most trying times in my life. Key word: was. im back on track now!! The winter slough has broken and the business is brimming with life again! I stayed away from the blog, i think as a way to avoid dealing with the business as a whole. Just sort of waiting the winter freeze out. And im out.

Anywho, ive attached a few pictures from my recent (and few) escapades. Click the pictures and cycle through the gallery to read descriptions on each…Guten Nacht!!