R.I.P. Arstella Steiner aka Martine Kay

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Me and Martine Kay. Ill miss you gramama.

The earth has committed my grandmother back to its womb. She passed away a few weeks ago, i don’t remember the exact day. I would have made a blog post about it a long time ago but you know, not exactly something i wanted to think about. Anyway, the funeral was beautiful. I saw some people there that i forgot existed. its a shame that sometimes we lose contact with people so bad the next time you see them is when you’ve passed on. Anyway, my cousin Emma who is close to my grandmothers age told this amazing story at the podium in the church. I’ve been looking for stories like these forever and i never thought to ask her! So i got her to come over and bring a whole bunch of photos and literature regarding Martine. So over the next month or so i plan on sitting with here and just squeezing all the stories out of her till she has no more.  Supposedly the local radio station found some of her music. Im definitely going to have to jump on that. Id say really all i can do to honor her memory is to stay a moral person and to continue to make sure she lives on forever through stories and the apparel i create.

Love you Gramama