2nd Citizen Cope Design

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So….after successfully presenting Citizen Cope with a design i made and having him place an order i was asked by his assistant to design another few. This was the first one i did. If i need to design for someone, ESPECIALLY a band, i listen to their music while i create the art. i kept seeing Clarence strumming the guitar almost like the way a painter does with brush strokes. So what i did what hand draw a portrait of him with a pencil, then digitally painted swirls coming out of the guitar.

Truthfully i wanted to do a piece specifically for the first single off the Rainwater LP (Healing Hands) since i had just done one for what i believe to be the 2nd single (Couldnt Explain Why). it just didnt come to me. i didnt just want to do an image of …hands. Anyway this is what i got from the music. Hopefully they love it and use it for something.