HGL phase alpha

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So. Im doing a VERY SMALL practice launch of HGL. I wanted to be fully launched by spring by MY GOD…doing this ‘right’ is REALLY expensive. So in the meantime to supress my anxiety i did a sort of “mockup” practice launch. I bought all new studio equipment to do my own photoshoots. I pressed 50 each of 3 different designs (Now on sale). I did a fairly full photoshoot and mocked up the online store with 9 products. I really just did this to get a taste of what its like to organize the printing of the shirts, assembling tags, organizing my own photoshoots and setting up the online store.

When you do something like this you realize the intensity of doing EVERYTHING by yourself. I mean literally. From top to bottom. No one to help with photos, the website setup, the promotional materials, sticker printing, designing, funding the whole thing. So anyway, when you click that link on the left wall that says “Click here to buy ___ and ______ ___” it will actually work. And you can buy a few things. Wish me luck people. Chat with you soon.