Not Just tshirts…

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I print thousands of tshirts, all with some story behind why theyre being made. I thought one story was worth posting.

So i get a call from a girl that is a student of ..well i forget what school, but shes in the Physical Therapy Program there. She came to get shirts for her teacher, Dr. N. Apparently this professor came into class with the news that she was diagnosed with cancer and had to be operated on a week from that day. So the class banded together and got over 100 tshirts (see below) to show their support.

The next time Dr. N. Came to class they all had their shirts on underneath jackets, hoodies, etc. When she walked in, the Head of the department walked in after, class already seated, and said “Okay lets ‘Pink Up’!” So at the same time every student and all the faculty took off their overgarments to reveal a blinding canvas of support to Dr. N.

Im REALLY passionate about what i do. Its because of stories like this that make me really glad i chose to start this business. Tshirts are really a way to say something without ‘verbally’ saying it. When i think about how Dr. N. must have felt when she saw over 100 pink shirts with pink ribbons i get chills. So for me as the person who was able to get this order rushed to the customer and make one person feel the way they did has me feeling like i was a part of the event.