Teaching kids about the worlds best canvas

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I was presented with an opportunity to show about 24 inner city kids what it is i do. So i brought them all brand spanking new adult sized tshirts to paint on with water based screenprint inks. They loved painting the shirts and bringing them home to their parents. its definitely a cool feeling to think that someone may actually keep that shirt for 20 years and pull it out the dresser drawer to embarass the kid who made it.

I really wanted to get across to them that the tshirt really is the worlds best canvas. I mean its a way for me to get my art on mobile billboards. Everyone has a different shape so the art changes depending on the wearer. Anyway, thanks to Ms. Sands and the ABC Headstart program for letting me come in and play with the kids.

EDIT: Check the last picture. i got 2 posters where the kids said thank you for coming in. They even wrote their own names. Thanks again Ms. Sands.