One of the best things about….

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..having a full service screenprint shop is the ability to take a design from paper – computer – tshirt almost immediately. I did a concept design for a new Martine Kay shirt last night and i love it so much that i created printed samples of the final product. I also get alot of joy out of helping other people start clothing lines as well. This is something ive been doing off and on for about 6 years and you could say i know a little bit about apparel.

2 interesting facts about this shirt:

1: Its on an Alternative Apparel organic series tank top. I think i might want to go high end earth conscious. Anything from alternative is super high quality, lightweight and really soft.

2. This print and again, possibly every print after it is waterbased ink. The garment is alot softer than most brands out there do having any sort of stiff feel on the actual print will stand out like a sore thumb.

So, if youre in the area and want to stop by and check out the new things im working on just go here and figure out how to get here….