Growth leads to prosperity

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To become successful in your field of interest, you have to study it. I want to be one of the best in my industry therefore i went to this 3 day seminar this weekend aimed at screenprinters. I spent alot of money. I also learned alot about techniques that ill be able to use in the future. The thing i think that i benefitted the most from was the social community that screenprinters create. I was like a spy, eavesdropping in on peoples conversations and trying to soak in as much information as i could. The real world experience i got from talking to the people that have been in the industry for about 10 times as long as i have will make me a better screenprinter. All in all, it was really fun. I cant lie i LOVE what i do and to get my head around the new processes being developed now lets me plan for the future. Also check out the gallery on this post to see the shirt A.J. and i collaborated on!