Jayarr, what are you gonna do with the paintings on your walls?

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Thats the question ive been asked alot recently. People DO like my art and right now it feels like my walls are bare. I spent alot of time painting the 20 some odd canvasses that littered the now _____ _______ wall. Red head

No. I wont be putting any more of the art back up. If i do this is what I think will happen. People will come to the showroom to check out new merchandise. The only thing that i want them to be able to see is the merchandise. Yes the art is pretty but its a distraction from what i want the consumer to be absorbed by. My new canvas is the Tshirt. You guys have been bugging me for years to buy my art. Now you can. ITS WEARABLE!! So please, embrace my new medium. Also if anyone wants some of the old paintings holler at me. I got you.

New Tshirt

New Tshirt


Im working on a “collaboration” with my screenprint supply….erm..supplier to create a really unique design and tshirt. It will incorporate a recognizable Rochester landmark, blood and GLOW IN THE DARK INK!!! im pretty excited and so should you be.  most likely it will be printed by Friday and you can either check it out int he show room here Downtown Rochester or at Davis International. Hopefully…..talk to you all soon.