Pepsi is FLYING me to NYC for the ROCK BAND contest…

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Wow. I just realized that im leaving in 24 hours. Thats unreal. So heres the deal people…for those of you who dont know im a Rock Band fanatic. Ive spent alot of nights here with about 20 of my friends playing on a 16 foot screen having a blast. A Pepsi contest later and a few hours spent editing a video and nopw im going to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards this saturday morning. Were being picked up by a limo…flown to NYC..i dunno its insane. SO i just wanted to share that bit of news.  Here is a link to the video that won us the sick trip.


So anyway expect some sweet photos this tuesday. Im buying an amazing DSLR today…its about time eh? And remember, “If it doesnt hurt, then youre doing something wrong.”