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…..ok. So for the last few months ive been working tirelessly to do something i honestly never thought id ever do again, screenprinting. Ive taken a space in the Cumberland building in Rochester Ny and completely renovated it from top to bottom to accomodate a complete showroom and and full service screenprint shop. I can only say so much. The pictures really explain it all. This space really is beautiful now. I have mannequins coming soon to display the clothes on and jewelry displays coming as well. The crazy thing is ive actually already been printing for a little while now, so to some people this isnt much of an announcement.

This blog is going to be a way for me to keep people informed as to what sales ive got going, new items up for grabs, giveaways and all that. The reason its called the Balance Blog is that i realized recently that really thats what we all strive for is balance. When were unhappy, we try to become happy. When were stressed, we try to de-stress. Our brains can even sub consciously sense balance, like when something is just off and you cant pinpoint it but you know its there. Just keep checking back every once in a while to see if im giving anything away for free.

I am having a HUGE sale to comemmorate the grand opening of the business! For the first few months screenprinted tshirts will only be $3. You really cant find a better price than that anywhere. So all you people out there with kickball teams,work fundraisers or whatever type of event that requires a shirt with a logo…give me a call. (Details of sale on website)

Now for the fun part. In addition to some sweet pictures ,i did a quick video showing the process of tinting the showroom skylight. This place comes equipped with a 24 foot skylight smack dab in the middle of the vaulted ceiling. I just had a brand new one put in, but because it was so clear it pumped way too much heat and light in here. Ive never tinted ANYTHING before but i went for it. it came out pretty good! Well at least from far away. Anyway ill post the video on here somewhere ….



I think that may be it. OH MY GOD! No…there is something i totally forgot! The reason i first got into printing apparel years ago was to have a sweet clothing line…well that’s exactly what i intend to get right back into. As you can see thats really the whole point of the showroom is to display the line when it eventually comes out (completely). In the meantime im going to be anxious and print up shorts (as you can see) under the names HGL/Martine kay just to whet my appetite. Anyway more news on that in the future…